Why Does My Password Really Matter?


I hate having a million different passwords. Can’t I just used something simple so I remember it? It’s only WordPress, who cares if someone hacks my site?

Why You Need a Good Password

I know, it’s a pain to remember passwords – but having an insecure password is one of the top ways hackers can break into your site, hack your email, etc.

What do I mean by insecure? Something like 1234, password, your name, and so on.

Having a secure password on any site is important because if a hacker gets one password correctly and you use it on a variety of places, they will be able to hack in and get other valuable information.

Changing Your Password

Ready to change your password?

Go to Users > Your Profile > and scroll down to New Password:


WordPress will tell you if your password is weak, medium, or strong. At minimum, avoid having a weak password.

Password Management Options

Hate remembering passwords? Don’t write them down! That would be bad if someone found them, right?

Instead, use a service like 1Password, which lets you use super secure passwords without the hassle of having a million different passwords floating around in your brain. Or having to constantly click “Forgot password” every time you log in to a website after a few months.

Now, go change your password!