Contact Forms: Where are the form entries?

When Someone Submits a Contact Form If you have a contact and/or other forms on your site, you should be getting emails whenever someone submits an entry with all of the content in the entry submission. Accessing Entries within WordPress You can also reach those from your WordPress interface – in the left sidebar under forms > […]

Contact Forms: How to Change Confirmation & Admin Notifications

What IS a confirmation? Want to change what the website visitor sees after they submit a contact form (or job application or booking form or whatever form you might have on your site)? That’s called a confirmation. It might look like this: How to change a form’s confirmation: Navigate to the forms section in the left […]

Contact Forms: How to Add A New Form

(Note: I use Gravity Forms on my websites, so this only applies to Gravity Forms. If your site was designed by me, you likely have this plugin on your site. It’s a premium plugin, so if you want it for just a single site it’s $39 well-spent!) Why are Contact Forms Helpful? Contact forms are a fantastic […]