Ian Michael Crumm // Fashion blog website design

Ian Michael Crumm Fashion blogger


Ian is an up-and-coming fashion blogger with a rapidly growing readership. He wanted to move from WordPress.com to self-hosted so he could start to monetize his blog with ads, and in the process, decided to get a major upgrade to a custom site design.


To really showcase the fashion photography, I used a plenty of white space with a simple color palette. Strong sans-serif fonts are modern and slightly masculine with their clean, simple lines.


To drive readers to his regular features, I created image links in the footer and included his categories in the sidebar (this works best when bloggers are consistent with the categories and don’t use dozens and dozens of them…like me. Oops.). The footer of a single post page includes an email newsletter sign up, which is also in the sidebar and a popup opt-in. Might be overkill, but it will surely lead to an increase in his email list.

Client Feedback

“Ashley worked to ensure my website was fashion-forward and social media optimized; key elements for a style blogger! She responded to my requests for edits in a timely manner and was ready to launch my site earlier than the projected timeline. I am very happy with the finished product!”

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