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This summer, I launched Neil’s site for him (he’s a writer, editor, super awesome funny guy) and when he came back this winter with an idea to launch a workshop about engaging people, I was in. Not only because I like work (and I do), but because I loved the idea for an non-boring workshop. And I’ve never met Neil, but I can tell you that if his emails are any indication, that if anyone can make a workshop fun, it’s Neil. He is kind,really hilarious, and just all around fantastic.

Neil wanted the site and logo to be playful, engaging, and confident. He wanted to appeal to a wide array of individuals as his target demographic – teachers, yoga instructors, corporate managers, and entrepreneurs.

The Process

After several rounds of revisions, we ended up with a site that was a complete departure from our original direction, but that I seriously love. It’s simple, clean, and engaging. I used a beautiful brush script, plenty of white space, and several images to complete the look.

I also included a few playful additions, like the hidden arrow hover effect on the link back to Neil’s site:


An essential part of any one-page website is a call to action: Tell the visitor where to go or what to do. 


Client Feedback

“Having had two websites designed by her, I consider myself something of an authority on the work of Ashley Cadaret.  But the convenient thing about considering a web designer is that you, like me, have the potential attain a comparable level of expertise.  You don’t need me to tell you that this site succeeds in using a playful but warm aesthetic so as to make the visitor feel at home, or that this site’s design is as unapologetic and bold as the prose it presents.  You don’t need me to tell you that Ashley is brilliant.  You’ve seen.  You know.

With that said, one question can’t be as easily answered by clicking on things.  Namely, what is it like to actually work with Ashley?  When we hear stories of the Van Goghs, Beethovens, and Virginia Woolfs of this world, we assume that brilliance comes at the price of sanity.  Never has this been less the truth than when working with Ashley, for the professionalism and warmth of her designs are rivaled only by those same qualities in herself.  I’ve picked up numerous clients as a result of one of the websites Ashley designed for me, I get a continuous flow of compliments on the other site she designed for me, and working with her is an absolute delight.  So hire her right now, before I start hyperlinking this testimonial again.” – Neil Gordon, writer & storyteller


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