Web & Blog Design

What’s the point of a gorgeous site if it doesn’t give your visitors what they need?

I know how to produce websites that get results for individuals and small businesses.

Have you had enough headaches DIYing your CSS and HTML?
Are you ready to invest in your website so that it reflects you, your business, and your goals?

I can give your business everything you need for a beautifully crafted, highly customized website – rock solid coding, consistent branding, and user-friendly interface.

You will not only get a fantastic website with all the amenities you want and need, but you will feel listened to and guided through the web of decisions. I am a designer and developer, a blogger and a small business owner – I am an expert on these things, and you are an expert on your business. I want to help you make sense of many fantastic options to optimize your website and your business.

Working with Ashley was a great experience– so easy and stress-free. She took a lot of my abstract ideas and implemented them into a beautiful, cohesive and intuitive website. It just launched and I’ve already had lots of positive feedback. – Jessica, Findings Marketing

Custom Blog Design

Ideal for: Bloggers who’ve been at it for a while, perhaps turning their blog into a business and want their blog to enhance reader experience.
Examples: Ian Crumm and Jessica Lawlor.

Possibilities include:

  • Development of color palette, fonts, and overall style of site.
  • Custom header and stylized branded elements
  • Custom blog home page, single post page, and footer.
  • Plugin installation & configuration for social sharing, SEO, and more.
  • Contact form, newsletter sign up form.
  • Two weeks of technical support.
  • Screencast to learn how to use your site.
  • Brand guide so you can stay consistent with the colors and fonts on your site.

Time frame*: 6-8 weeks from start
Cost: from $2695
50% due before starting, 50% due before launch

Contact me today to get your project started!

Custom Website Design

Ideal for: Businesses and individuals with an established business or those who want jump into a new business with both feet and an amazing website.
Examples: CVV, Findings Marketing, Allie Larkin, and Lauren Zbylski.

Possibilities include:

  • All of the items in the blog design (you can get a blog design integrated into your site, which is great for SEO).
  • Type-based logo development with logo files.
  • Front page layout with widgets to give an overview of your site and brand, as well drive visitors to the pages you want them to see.
  • Photo gallery or portfolio installation.
  • Front page slider with images and text.
  • Coordinating social media graphics for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Content formatting (not input) of up to 10 pages.
  • Get site stats and publicize posts to social media right from your dashboard.
  • Setup of custom email – ie: name@yourdomain.com.
  • 30 minute WordPress training session or screencasts to learn how to use your site.
  • 30 days of technical support.

Time frame: 2 months from start
Cost: varies, starts at $2595
33% due before starting with 2 payments of the balance.

Contact me today to get your project started!

Working with Ashley was incredible. She took my vision, listened carefully, and made my dream come to life. It was such a pleasurable experience and I highly recommend working with her – Crystal, Everyday Adventures  Read more client feedback>>

What are these “results” you speak of?

Here’s the deal:

When you invest in a professional website design, people take you more seriously. If you’re a blogger, companies want to sponsor you. If you’re self-employed, potential clients will trust you more.  If you are offering great products or services, your sales will go up.

When you have a clunky, difficult-to-navigate website, it hurts your business because it says to your audience that you don’t care about their experience. It’s sloppy. You aren’t sloppy. You value your clients more than that.

This site is everything I wanted it to be… and more! Since I started my business, it’s been a thorn in my side that my work didn’t mirror the website. Now I feel like it does. – Jason, JRMcomms.com

You have questions. I have answers.

When will my project start?
It all depends on how many current projects are in my queue. Once you contact me, I’ll let you know your estimated start date. However, it won’t be booked until I receive your deposit, so act quickly!
What platforms do you design for?
WordPress self-hosted. I am not able to do complete designs for WordPress.COM, Typepad, or any other platform.
How does the design process work?
  1. After you submit a contact, I’ll get in touch to chat about your project and ask any necessary follow up questions and send you pricing information if it’s a good fit.
  2. I send a deposit invoice (50% or 33% depending on the project), contract, and PDF welcome packet of info (A Website Planning Guide, a Client Intake Form, and my Process Document.)
  3. The Client Intake Form asks a lot of questions to get a feel for what your design preferences, website goals, and brand is. The more information you give me, the better I am able to create a website that achieves your goals and that you love. Take your time on this step. I know you’re eager to get started, but it really sets the foundation for the project and makes the process go much more smoothly.
  4. Taking all of this information and my expertise on best practices on the web, I create the first round of mockups to get the conversation started. If you have a laser-sharp focus, I might only do one mockup, since you’re so clear on what you want. Otherwise, you’ll get 2-3 mockups to give you a feel for your website.
  5. I’ll revise the layout and design several times until you get a website that you are in LOVE with and is ridiculously effective. (For big projects, I also do a mockup of an interior page before developing).
  6. I install the design on a test site, where you get a chance to look at everything in action, see how to feels, and request any more changes.
  7. Your final payment is due prior to launching. Then I install the design on your website. Launch Day is a very exciting day. You should probably get a donut to celebrate.
What is your design philosophy?
Design should accentuate the content and make it easier for users to find what they need and promote your products/services/etc. Instead of overshadowing your content with my design, I want to feature your content and drive viewers to the pages and products you want them to see. I’m a big fan of fresh, clean designs with lots of whitespace. Bright and bold or muted and feminine, I’m happy to work with all sorts of styles. And I always inform my opinions with design best practices.
Why do your designs cost more/less than designer X?
Good question. There is certainly a wide range of costs in the custom website design world. I’ve seen designs as cheap as $75 for an entire blog to $20K for a website. Usually, it’s a matter of experience and skill, but it could also be the cost of living where the designer is or whether the designer is the sole source of income for the family.

I thought long and hard about my prices – I want to make custom website design affordable to as many small businesses as possible (I am a big believer in the power and importance of a web presence), but I also want to offer websites that I know work and are truly high quality (which takes more time than throwing together a cookie cutter website). I arrived at my prices by finding the balance between affordability and quality.

What would increase the cost above the listed prices?
If you need a gigantic site with dozens of pages, the cost is higher than a simple brochure website with five pages. Similarly, the more work you need me to do (inputting lots of content, complicated technical work), the more expensive the project gets.
Do you do print work?
I’m focusing solely on website design for new clients, so I will only be doing print work as a part of a website rebrand process.
Do you offer maintenance on my site?
I sure do. I get that not everyone has the time or desire to take care of their website themselves, so I’m happy to offer solutions. Just be sure to ask me about it!
What if I need technical support past the 2 week or 30 day period?
You can hire me to update graphics, fix bugs, etc. (Sometimes when you try to add your own CSS, accidents happen. I can help!) Contact me if you need me to fix something. You don’t have time to try to figure it out yourself, let me help.
Can I call you?
Sure! I schedule out my work a week or so in advance, so I need some notice. Let me know when you want to chat via phone or Skype and we can set something up.
What is involved in the WordPress training?
I will teach you how to update the the front page of your site, the sidebar widgets, the slider, and the gallery. I’ll also teach you about tagging, categories, the menu, posts, and pages. It is usually done as a screencast video that I make for your specific site and send to you so you can reference as you like.
Why should I hire Little Leaf?
When I ask my clients why they like to work with me, their answer is almost always the same: It’s enjoyable. It can be hard work to create an entirely revamped web presence, but it is my goal that you are not only happy with the end product but are happy with the process. It’s a lot of fun to see your vision become reality and even more fun to enjoy the people you work with! (Here are 5 more reasons)