Contact Forms: How to Add A New Form

how-to-create-new-contact-form(Note: I use Gravity Forms on my websites, so this only applies to Gravity Forms. If your site was designed by me, you likely have this plugin on your site. It’s a premium plugin, so if you want it for just a single site it’s $39 well-spent!)

Why are Contact Forms Helpful?

Contact forms are a fantastic way for potential clients to contact you without you juggling a million different emails in your inbox. They are also helpful for gathering the info that you need to weed through those contacts and find out who seems like a great fit. It’s a win-win for you and whoever is contacting you – so much more organized and easy!

But you can use Gravity Forms for more than just simple or complex contact forms! They can be booking form, job application, or anything else you dream up.

How to add a new form:

  1. Go to forms > new form:
  2. Give your form a title (and description if you want) and click create form:Create-New-Gravity-Forms-Form
  3. Follow the fun, easy prompts like so to drag and drop your elements and questions in the order you’d like:
  4. The “Field Label” is what the question/input will read. So if you want it to say, “When do you need a Photographer?” you’ll input that there. You can also choose whether to make certain questions required or not by checking the “required” box under “rules”.
  5. Be sure to click “Update Form” so your form saves! Then you can go to whatever page you want to insert the form into by clicking “Add Form”:Adding-Form-to-Page