I am a web design enthusiast and a champion for you and your business.


Hi there, I’m Ashley and I can’t wait to work with you.

More than just a web designer, I am your partner and mentor as we work together to envision a website that is user-friendly, improves your business, and empowers you to cultivate an incredibly effective web presence. Your site will be gorgeous, sleek, and powerful.

Little Leaf was born out of a passion for design and the belief that every business deserves a beautiful, easy-to-use website. It is known for clean, fresh designs, and friendly, warm customer relationships.

I have designed sites for photographers, authors, lawyers, actors, copywriters, bloggers, non-profits, and other small businesses.

I’m here to help you:
  • Craft the online presence you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Build a website that perfectly reflects you and your brand.
  • Optimize your website for user experience, search engines, and still make it easily updatable for you.
My story:

In 2007, I started a blog, which I redesigned a bajillion times before my readers started asking me to redesign their sites. Little Leaf was launched from there. (Want the whole juicy story? Lucky you, I wrote about it on my blog.) I’m a big fan of launching a business from a blog.

When it comes to websites, I know the two most important things to consider are:
  • What your users want from the website.
  • What you want your users to get from the website.

After we get that straight, we can focus on how we want to do those things with the design elements, branding pieces, and all the pretty parts of a website.

» I believe your website should work for you. It should make your life easier and your business more successful. «

5 reasons to work with me:
  1. You need a website that is user-friendly, gorgeous, and reflects your brand.
  2. I know my stuff and I’m good at helping you understand it. Don’t know what CMS or SEO mean? Totally fine. My clients get a walkthrough of all these confusing decisions and are fully prepared to take control of their new site. I’ll take care of you.
  3. I care about you and your business. I don’t take clients on if we don’t seem like a good fit. This means I genuinely enjoy working with my clients, and as a result, their business. I want you to be successful with all of my heart and will brainstorm with you to give you the best web tools to make that happen.
  4. I develop the design and the code. This saves you money, since I don’t have to hire a developer and it means changes can be made more quickly since I don’t need to relay your feedback to a programmer. Easy peasy .
  5. I am great at listening to you and figuring out what you really need and what your tastes are. I can help you decipher how your brand translates to your website. Feel icky about the word brand? How about your style?
My favorite people to work with:
  • Self-employed creatives (authors, copywriters, crafters, and folks providing goods or services to others)
  • Bloggers
  • Small business owners (especially passion-driven and values-driven business –  they make my heart go pitter patter)
  • Folks who have fun and work hard (I like to have fun while we work. Fun and professional is the magic combination for  gorgeous website and an enjoyable experience)
  • Established creatives with a clear vision of what they need.
The tools I use:
  • Adobe Creative Suite – for the branding & mockups
  • CSS, HTML, and a bit of PHP – the code that makes your site come to life
  • WordPress – so you can update your site yourself!
  • Genesis Framework – for super awesome SEO, rock solid security, and fantastic support.
What now?

Work with me. I can help you develop your web presence with a gorgeous website, take a look at my portfolio, my design packages and process, read what my clients say about working with me, check out the FAQ, and then get started.

Say hello. Are you a fellow designer or just wanna chat? I love meeting new people! Email me at ashley at littleleafdesign.com or over here.

Find me elsewhere. I’m on Twitter (far too much), Facebook, and I blog sporadically at my personal blog about work, life, and living a life with purpose.

You’re still reading this?

Okay, here’s a little more about me: I love traveling to warm, sunny places, I drink too much coffee and eat too many cookies, and I like to run. I am married to a psychology professor, we have two wonderful little boys, and live in western Massachusetts.